2019 Great Book Swap at Stanmore Public School

Stanmore Public School Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Next week, on Wednesday 4th September, we will be having a Great Book Swap in the school Library, like we did last year.

The Great Book Swap is to raise funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to purchase and sponsor books and Literacy resources for children in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

“It is vital for young children to have access to books in their language. And seeing their way of life reflected in books their own children and community have created, ensures that cultural identity and connections to country remain strong.”

The theme of this year’s Great Book Swap is: Keeping Our Languages Alive! Celebrating the 2019 UNESCO International Year of Indigenous Languages.

Stanmore Public School will be participating in this year’s Great Book Swap as part of the Bigibigi language team. Bigibigi means pig in Kriol.

To be part of the Great Book Swap please bring in a book or books that you have enjoyed reading and that are in good condition to donate. (Check your choice of books to donate with your parents and caregivers first.)

Take the book or books that you are donating to the school Library. There, next Wednesday, you can buy a book that someone else has donated for a mere gold coin. What a bargain! and for a good cause too.

Thank you for your support!

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