4/5/6M STEM Engineers

Stanmore Public School Brain Hemispheres

4/5/6M were excited to be back in the classroom this week and we began with a few STEM style challenges.

We are engineers who have been tasked with the job of reusing salvaged materials to design a structure for our local community. We explored the design process and then created our masterpieces.

Here are some of our projects:

Stanmore Public School STEAM Engineers 2020

The small sanctuary: For my economical town project piece, I have created an animal shelter. There are multiple animals and places covering all the different animals’ climate needs. There is a water/ocean area, a cold climate area, a forest area and some bamboo. I also have a pet section and a crops area where they grow food for the animals to eat. I hope you like my project.

By Georgia

Stanmore Public School STEAM Engineers 2020

Remembrance of Gaudi: This sculpture piece is to calm people down. The paddle pop stick is an arrow that says we never have an all-good time; we have ‘ups and downs’. Behind the sculpture is a building shaped like Gaudi, hopefully if it was built it would look more like Gaudi. The apartments would be a retirement home so the old people could look at the sculpture.

By Sam

Stanmore Public School STEAM Engineers 2020

Bird feeder: The purpose of my design is to help birds and give them access to food and water whilst having a resting environment.

By Monty

Stanmore Public School STEAM Engineers 2020

Food transportation system: This is my design for a transportation food service for the elderly. The tent design is held up by 2 straw on the outside and a main straw in the centre. The 2 paddle pop sticks on the bottom prevent the food from flying out and keeps the floor steady. This wicked design is NOT perfect but I am pretty happy with it for such little materials. Thank you.

By Jamie

Stanmore Public School STEAM Engineers 2020

The Athletic obstacle course supreme: This obstacle course is in a large playground, and is for children from the age of 5 to 12. The purpose of this obstacle is to help children be more athletic and to entertain them.

By Millie

Stanmore Public School STEAM Engineers 2020

Mobile Pool: The point of it is to provide a sustainable type of pool for the community to use that does not waste a lot of water.

By Arlo


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