Aboriginal-Inspired Ceramic Totem Poles

Aboriginal-inspired ceramic totem poles welcome the Stanmore Public School community to new garden

2020’s Year 5 students (now Year 6) got to see their beautiful ceramic totem poles installed in the new garden this week. It was touch and go after all the hurdles thrown at the school in 2021 whether the totem poles would be unveiled before they said farewell. The students should feel very proud of their creations and it is fitting that they will be a permanent welcome to our new garden. We can’t wait for you to see them when you are allowed back on school grounds in 2022.

Inspired by Damun (Port Jackson Fig) which is the Aboriginal name for the Stanmore Ward, Year 5 students created ceramic pieces for three groups of totem poles. The themes of earth (5T) water (5L) and sky (456M) were chosen because they reflect areas of sustainability in Aboriginal culture.

Many thanks to the Stanmore Public School community for donating some of the pots that act as plinths for the totems. Thanks to Lindsay Page, our very handy GA, and Hugh Short, my very handy husband, for installing the totem poles.

Ms Carruthers

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