Our positive behaviour approach

At Stanmore Public School, we expect all students to treat others with respect and behave appropriately so all members of the school community feel safe and comfortable at school and can work, play and learn in harmony.

The school supports the development of socially appropriate behaviour through making our expectations clear in a set of rules, through a weekly social skills program and through acknowledgement of appropriate behaviour choices. Together with parents, we help children to develop a moral framework to guide their behaviour and understand their responsibilities as a member of the school community.

Our social skills program values: Respect, Resilience, Responsibility

Week 1: Courtesy and Respect
Week 2: Self-Regulation
Week 3: Responsibility
Week 4: Kindness and Consideration
Week 5: Resilience and Bravery
Week 6: Fairness and Safety
Week 7: Tolerance and Inclusion
Week 8: Perseverance
Week 9: Pride
Week 10: Honesty

Behaviour Management

Most inappropriate behaviour is managed by class teachers or playground duty teachers in a positive, instructional way. The teachers redirect students towards more socially acceptable behaviour and provide advice and encouragement to help them develop more appropriate behaviour patterns overall. Strategies to use to resolve any difficulties they may have with other students are:

NO – Tell other students when you don’t like what they are doing.
GO – Move away from the source of problem.
TELL – Ask a teacher to help solve the problem peacefully.

If inappropriate behaviour persists, it is referred to the school executive by means of a card system. Behaviour cards are a coded means of communication between teachers and the executive.

  • An orange card signifies persistent inappropriate behaviour by a student that is not responding to teacher intervention at class or playground level.
  • A red card signifies violence or another serious breach of the school or the NSW Department of Education and Training discipline code.

The school monitors student behaviour once it is referred to the executive and keeps a record of all red and orange card referrals. At this stage the school notifies parents that the child’s behaviour is causing concern.

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