Allergy Alert

Stanmore Public School Allergy Alert

Stanmore Public School prides itself on its record of caring for children for more than 130 years. With this in mind we ask for your help.

We have enrolled in our school, several children with severe, life-threatening food allergies (anaphylaxis). Anaphylaxis is a medical condition which causes a severe reaction to certain foods and can result in death within minutes. Consequently, these children will need immediate medical attention if they come into contact with these foods.

It would greatly assist the school to manage this situation if parents would keep any nut based foods for home treats. In particular, we ask that parents do not send PEANUT BUTTER or NUTELLA to school. These products are so sticky, they can easily be left behind on hands and bubblers and other surfaces within the school.

Your cooperation in making the school environment a safe place for everyone would be very much appreciated.

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