Bike and Scooter Policy

Stanmore Public School Bike Policy

Stanmore Public School has a policy on riding bikes and scooters to school. The focus of the policy it to ensure the safety of all students, including those who do not ride to school.

Senior Students: Years 5 & 6

Senior students are allowed to ride to and from school unaccompanied, provided they have a school bike licence.

Bike licences are available from the school office and must be signed by the student, his or her parents and the principal. They require an undertaking to maintain their bike in good order, comply with all relevant road rules and wear an approved bike helmet.

Students must dismount before they enter the school grounds. Bikes must be wheeled to the bike rack behind the school kitchen and secured to the bike rack immediately.

The school accepts no responsibility for bikes left on the school premises during the day.

Younger Students: Kindergarten‐Year 4

Younger students are allowed to ride bikes to school only if accompanied by a parent. They also need a bike licence and are expected to comply with the same conditions.

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