In 2018 the school took over the running of the canteen. The intention is to provide the school community with delicious, healthy and affordable lunches and snacks.

The canteen is currently meeting the guidelines set by the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy. The guidelines outline the type and frequency of food and drink permitted for sale through canteens in NSW government schools. It also supports the Nutrition in Schools Policy, which identifies that any school program or activity relating to or involving food and drink should promote healthy eating and good nutrition to students.

Learn more about how to promote healthy eating habits for kids by reading some of the Healthy Kids fact sheets:

The average school child will eat more than 2,500 lunches during their 13 years at school. Cancer Council’s website is a one-stop-shop for everything families need to know about packing a healthy lunch box.


Lunches and recess orders can be ordered each morning at the canteen counter or via the online ordering provider QuickCliq.

The menus are available at the canteen or you can view a copy online by following the link below.


The canteen relies on the generosity of the parent community to operate successfully. To keep costs low and quality high we need your help.

If you can spare an hour or two each week or month, or even term or year please speak to Peggy our canteen manager.