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Stanmore Public School CareMonkey

As we continue to transition into the new online medical and note system we would like to ensure that families understand how the e-note system works.

A notification will be sent to your nominated email address alerting you to an excursion, camp, sport or school event. These e-notes have a cutoff period for reply. This helps the school to put in place organisation for these events in advance. The cutoff time for a response to excursion notes is usually 3 school days prior.

School camps will have at least two weeks, sometimes longer, for responses to be finalised and submitted. Other events will have the cut-off date specified in the note.

An event or notification requires an acknowledgement of receipt, signed permission or a response. Reminders are sent regularly through the system and more frequently as the due date approaches. We encourage all families to respond as early as possible to these notifications.

Once you have responded you will not receive any further requests. Once the cutoff date has been reached you will no longer be able to respond on the CareMonkey system.

Students are not able to attend an excursion or camp without a signed e-form or note.

If you have any queries about an event or the CareMonkey system please approach the school with plenty of time prior to the day of the event.

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