Chinese Lucky Knot (吉ji祥xiang结jie)

stanmore public school chinese lucky knot

This week, amongst the Chinese classes of 5-6, we learnt and participated in the making of the Chinese Lucky Knot. (吉ji祥xiang结jie). Ms Ji brought all the colourful strings to the class and gave us a wonderful opportunity to be able to create such a traditional and cultural masterpiece.

Although it was challenging to produce, before the lesson finished, we all made one to take home for good luck. With making these lucky knots, we learnt life sometimes is tough and difficult and we need to keeping on trying, especially during these tough times we experienced this year. Some of us put lucky knots on our school bags, doors and walls, bringing us happiness and prosperity.

Thank you Ms Ji for putting in the time and purchasing the string in order for this amazing activity.

From Monterey T and Katie L (Year 6)

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