Chinese New Year Celebration

Stanmore Public School Chinese New Year 2020

On the 12th of February we had a Chinese New Year performance.

During the day of the celebration the school was asked to wear mufti and bring a gold coin donation to help raise funds the devastating bush fires. Stanmore ended up raising around $840 and all of it was donated to a charity that helps the wildlife suffering from the devastation of the bush fires.

Stanmore is hoping to help our country from the horrific calamities of the bush fires. We appreciate your donations to help rebuild our ecosystem.

Your School and Vice Captain
Jamie N and Macauley M

2月12日,我们举行了农历新年庆祝活动。在庆祝活动的当天,学校被要求穿穆夫提(mufti)捐赠一枚金币来帮助资助毁灭性的森林大火。 Stanmore最终筹集了大约840美元,所有款项都捐赠给了(WWF)基金。这是一家慈善机构,旨在帮助遭受森林大火破坏的野生动物。斯坦莫尔希望从丛林大火的可怕灾难中帮助我们的国家。感谢您的捐款,以帮助我们重建生态系统。

杰米·纳法(Jamie N)和麦考利·蒙特罗斯(Macauley M)


A big thank you to school parent Hugh Lam for providing some of these images.

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