Code Camp Term 3 Covid Update

stanmore public school code camp

The message below is from the Code Camp operators.

Unfortunately, due to the updated COVID-19 restrictions in New South Wales, we are left with some uncertainty as to when things will get back to normal.

At this stage, and the status of the lockdown we feel the best option is to move to our online coding program. This program is a 1 hour session per week for 8 weeks with online live support from our coding team. We would greatly appreciate it if you could please send the booking link out to parents.

As covid restrictions continue to change, we would love to discuss coming back on campus as soon as possible. 

Additionally, we are offering a free 1 hour intro session for NSW children who are remote learning, from Tuesday – Friday. Please feel free to send this link out to families to sign up:

The operators will be contacting all parents already enrolled in the program to inform them of the changes.

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