COVID-19 Update


Stanmore Public School Coronavirus

Dear parents and carers,

I am writing to inform you of preventative measures we are taking to promote public health at Stanmore PS. These measures are appropriate to our school context and are guided by the latest advice from Health and Education.

Hygiene and health

  • Keep children with cold or flu symptoms home and seek medical advice.
  • Practice and reinforce good hygiene at home.
  • At school we are promoting good hygiene practices (coughing and sneezing; hand-washing before eating and after toilet, disposing of tissues in the bin).
  • The soap in school bathrooms is topped up regularly.
  • Surfaces are sanitised and wiped daily.


  • All Term 1 community events and school assemblies are cancelled or postponed. This includes today’s Kindergarten assembly, Friday’s Harmony Day assembly, all Monday assemblies, K-2 Disco, International Food Fair, Easter Hat Parade.
  • The P&C meeting scheduled for tomorrow night is cancelled.
  • Parent Teacher Interviews are postponed until further notice.

Excursions and Camps

  • PSSA Sport and all external sport programs are cancelled until further notice.
  • The Department of Education has advised that no excursions or camps are to proceed until further notice. Year 3 and 4 Camps scheduled for this term are cancelled. Credit for these camps will be applied to student accounts.
  • Please hold off on paying for any future camps or excursion fees. We will credit student accounts for other camp payments made if those camps do not proceed.

School Activities

  • Lessons in classrooms and RFF programs in classes (Music, Drama, Languages, Library, Got Game) continue as scheduled.
  • Recess and lunch break times continue as scheduled. We are putting additional staff on duty before school and at recess to utilise more playground areas and spread students out. The drop-in room in the OOSH building is closed.
  • The Library will only operate during scheduled RFF lessons, and will not be open before school or at lunch.
  • Kitchen lessons will be changed so that no food is prepared or eaten. The focus of Kitchen lessons will be on Mathematics and PDHPE outcomes.
  • Peer Support lessons are cancelled.
  • SRE (Scripture) and SEE (Ethics) lessons are cancelled.


  • From tomorrow, the canteen will only be accepting online orders. Register for online ordering at
  • If you wish to use this service and don’t already have an account, please set one up as soon as possible as there may be a high volume of orders.
  • The canteen will not be offering counter service from tomorrow.
  • Student volunteers will not be working in the canteen.
  • Order pickups at recess and lunch will be staggered.
  • Canteen staff are following hygiene practices and wearing gloves when preparing food.

Visitors on site

  • Parent volunteers in classrooms are requested to not to attend classes until further notice.
  • Families and visitors are requested to minimise their time on school grounds at pick up and drop off.

External providers

  • Extra-curricular music and drama ensembles and lessons will continue at this stage.
  • Service providers can continue to work with students on site providing they are symptom-free, have not had close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or have not recently returned from overseas.
  • Service providers are otherwise encouraged to follow the advice of their employer.
  • The school will be communicating these conditions with all providers.

School routines, health and wellbeing

  • Morning assemblies and lining up after breaks will be brief.
  • Teachers will collect their class on the bell and move straight to classrooms.
  • Other school routines will proceed as usual, providing students with the stability and continuity they need at a time like this.

Learning from home

We are preparing online learning platforms to be implemented in the event that we are directed to close the school. If parents/carers choose to keep children at home, it is recommended that they use the school’s online subscription platforms Mathletics and Reading Eggs as sources of learning tasks. Currently, teachers are not able to provide work to individual students outside those platforms.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Kind regards,

Hugh Miller

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