How and when do I enrol?

Pre-enrolment Expressions of Interest can be filled out the year prior to your child starting school, preferably between February and May. The full enrolment form is filled out once an offer to enrol has been made. Go to our Enrolment Information page for more information.

What transition programs are provided?

The Kindergarten orientation program includes:
● an information evening for parents whose children are about to start Kindergarten
● a morning session for children about to start school
● weekly playgroups to help children get to know each other and to enable parents to build relationships with other parents whose children are also starting school

When are enrolment places offered?

The first round of placement offers are made in late July and these go to children who live within the school’s catchment area and the siblings of current students. The main round of out of area offers are made in September. Further offers are made as vacancies arise. More information on requirements for enrolling can be found in on our Enrolment information page.

How do I know when my child should start school?

Children are eligible to enrol in Kindergarten if they turn five years old by 31st July.

What do I do when I visit the school?

Anyone visiting the school must visit the front office located in block A by the staff carpark on Cambridge St. Our friendly office staff will assist with any enquiries. This includes parents who are bringing their children to school late or picking them up early.

What do I do if my child is late for school?

All students arriving after 9.10 am are to go to the front office to get a late slip. Then they go to their classroom. You can also register a late arrival on our Online Notification page.

What do I do if I have to pick up my child early?

Please fill out an early departure form on our Online Notification page. All early leavers are to be collected from the office. The same routine applies at recess and lunchtime. A message will be sent to the classroom and the student will be brought to the office. To ensure the safety of our students please do not collect them yourself from the classrooms.

How does the school deal with medical issues?

The school needs to be aware of any medical conditions that affect its students. This includes asthma, anaphylaxis and other allergies. The school will formulate a medical management plan for serious cases, in line with doctor’s advice and following consultation with parents. These medical plans are circulated to all staff and placed in the folders issued to all relief teachers.

Any student who is injured or falls ill at school is taken to sick bay. The student’s condition is assessed and parents are called if the student appears too unwell to remain at school or if medical attention is indicated. If parents are called, the school expects pick-ups to be as prompt as possible.

Who do I see about any problems concerning my child’s education?

Any issues with your child’s education or welfare should be directed to the classroom teacher. If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher, please submit a Teacher Meeting Request and your child’s teacher will contact you to confirm a time. Your child’s teacher will refer issues that cannot be resolved at the class level or more serious issues to the school’s executive or to the Learning Support Team for follow up.

How and when do I pay my Term Activity Fees?

Activity fees should be paid promptly at the beginning of each term. A list of activities and a permission note are circulated at the beginning of each term and parents are given two weeks to make their payments. Payments can be made online or by cash or cheque in the envelope provided.

When are the school carnivals held?

The dates for carnivals vary from year to year. The approximate dates are:
● Swimming: Early first term (February)
● Cross Country: Early Term 2
● Athletics: Last weeks of Term 2