Festival of Instrumental Music

Stanmore Public School Festival of Instrumental Music 2019
Festival of Instrumental Music 2019

Recap Of What Happened At FOIM (Festival Of Instrumental Music)

Written by: Thady O 6T

On the 31st of July, the Recorder Ensemble and the Senior Strings Ensemble went to the Opera House for FOIM 2019.

The first thing everyone did was eat because there was only a short break.

The strings headed into the Opera House first as they had to practice three songs.

Thirty minutes later, all 750 recorder players headed into the concert hall to start practicing. To most people’s surprise the organisers of the concert had made a light show for everyone to watch. Through the display there was featured music such as Aretha Franklin’s song Respect.

Following the amazing light show we started to practice the songs.

We had two songs to practice and a combined song with the Strings. The songs were Simple Gifts, Three Brothers And Blues For Suz being the combined song with the Strings. After the practice everyone went home with their parents or carers until 18:45 when the actual performance started.

When everyone came back, we went to where we were sitting. We ended up seeing Ms Larkin in the audience but I don’t think she saw us waving enthusiastically at her. When all the audience sat down the performance started. Along with the recorder ensemble and the Strings there was also some people playing solos on other instruments such as the piano. In the end the performance went well and everyone was happy.

I would like to thank Ms Poon and Ms Bell and other teachers and parents for taking time out of their day to take us to the performance. Especially Ms Poon and Ms Bell for helping us practice the music every Wednesday.

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