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It seems early I know, but already we are gearing up for the 2020 school year. Last week we held our annual information night for prospective parents and this week we have held an open morning and tour of the school for them. Both events were well attended by interested parents, keen to learn about school in general and Stanmore Public School in particular. Most of them have children entering kindergarten in 2020 but there were also a small number of parents who have children who will be going into other grades, mostly Year 3.

To date, we have 75 enrolment forms for kindergarten for next year and half a dozen for other year groups. We are intending to confirm places for local area children and siblings of current students before the end of this term. Once the acceptances for those places come back, we will know if there is space for any non-local enrolments.

It will really help us at this stage if all parents who have children ready to start school next year, ensure they complete and submit an enrolment form by the end of next week. Because the school is operating close to our accommodation ceiling, there are complex issues to be resolved around staffing and space and your prompt action will help us to resolve those matters early.

In the event of growing a class, the school will need to work with the Department of Education on how that class is to be accommodated. It is unlikely there will be a permanent classroom built but a demountable may be an option. With that comes the challenge of where to place it and then providing services to it.

In the next week we will send home two surveys to assist us with future planning. One will be the annual survey asking parents if their children will be continuing at Stanmore PS in 2020 (this is not binding, just advises the school of your current intentions regarding next year and gives us an indication of likely numbers going forward). Parents do not need to re-enrol their children, just complete the survey.

The other will be a survey to identify the out of school hours care needs of our families. This information is critical to the tender process for the out of school hours care services for Stanmore Public School which will take place later this year. A link to the survey will be sent via CareMonkey next week. The tender will determine one provider to operate the out of school care service at Stanmore for the next 3-5 years.

The assistance of families in helping us with our forward planning will be very much appreciated.

Fran Larkin

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