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Another successful Showcase has been and gone. Lots of tired students in the days afterwards, but happy with their performance and the experience.

It is interesting to see the growth in the children’s talent from year to year and also to see the emergence of their confidence in, and engagement with, performing.

We are so fortunate to have staff and parents who make this event possible through their continued support. I know many parents burn the midnight oil making costumes and staff certainly put in the hard yards rehearsing, making programs, painting sets, off-stage supervision, and much more; right down to ‘bumping out’ of the theatre in the rain on Tuesday night after the show.

Thank you to all involved for your contribution and thank you to all the families who took the time to extend their appreciation to the staff for both their work and creativity.

Enjoy your weekend now that the spring weather has returned.

Fran Larkin

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