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This year has seen an unprecedented amount of maintenance work in the school. For the most part, this is attributable to the NSW Government allocating a substantial increase in funding to address the significant backlog in maintenance for NSW Public Schools.

This has presented some challenges for all of us with access restricted and there have also been organisational challenges with reductions in play space for students and classes being out of their rooms for some days. The staff, the students and our many families have coped with all of this with considerable equilibrium and patience and this is certainly appreciated.

We are enjoying a short respite now but it will soon start up again, with internal painting, some new floor coverings, internal fittings, a new surface under the COLA and some new asphalt. Most of this will be done in the summer vacation but the asphalting will be done during school time, starting in the week beginning Monday 25th November. The asphalting will impact on the main walkway through the school, between C Block and A Block. It will also affect some other areas, including the area where the bike racks are located. It would be helpful if bikes and scooters were not used during that week.

The oval, which is now looking lush and green, has been funded jointly by the P&C and the school. We are remaining off it while the new grass takes so it will be in good condition for new year.

The up side of all this is that the school will be in very good physical shape for the coming school year and everyone can look forward a much more settled 2020. Touch wood!

Fran Larkin

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