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Stanmore Public School Message from the Principal

Dear parents and carers,

As we come to the conclusion of our Learning From Home experience, I would like to extend my thanks to you all and recognise the high level of support, partnership and goodwill from our parent community during this time. Thank you for all that you have done in your homes to keep your children engaged and motivated to continue their learning.

I would also like once again acknowledge the outstanding efforts of our dedicated and passionate teaching and support staff throughout the pandemic. They have worked extremely hard to ensure learning continuity for all of our students, and I would like to thank our staff for their innovative and inclusive practice during this time.

Our staff are excited to welcome all our students returning to school on Monday, and are looking forward to resuming face to face teaching programs. I’m sure that many of our students and families are looking forward to school resuming as well.

It is also important to remember that some people – children, parents and staff members – may be feeling some anxiety or apprehension about school going back. All of us may have experienced the pandemic differently – some people may have thrived, some may have struggled at times and others may have experienced significant trauma, fear or distress. Some children will be overjoyed to be back in the classroom and being with peers all day long; others may find the change disorienting, tiring, upsetting and other emotional responses.

On Monday, we will not ‘snap back’ to school as it was pre-COVID-19. School routines and practices will continue to be significantly different. Our main focus initially will be on student, staff and community wellbeing. We need to re-establish all students’ sense of safety, security and confidence in the school environment, before focusing too strongly on engagement and excellence in learning.

To support families with the return to full-time schooling, we have prepared a detailed set of procedures, included in this newsletter. Please take time to read them carefully prior to Monday morning.

Please take particular note of this important request: parents are asked to send children to school with a water bottle, clearly labelled with name and class, every day. This is because the Department of Education has recommended that bubblers not be used for drinking, only for refilling water bottles.

I would also request that families walk or ride to school wherever possible, to reduce the anticipated strain on the public transport and road networks as students return to school.

Full Return to School Procedures for Parents »

And here is my last video message (for the time being):

Until next week,

Hugh Miller

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