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Stanmore Public School Message from the Principal

Dear parents and carers,

Our students have continued to achieve great things in classes this week, under the expert guidance of our teachers. There is an excellent culture of visible thinking and high levels of student engagement in classrooms at Stanmore PS. In the playground, I am often impressed by the friendliness, tolerance and inclusion shown by our students to their peers.

Of course, some students have social challenges at times – this happens in all schools, and we are no different. In this case, we encourage students (or their parents) to speak to their class teacher about what is happening. By ensuring communication is open and clear, we can work together to support all children’s wellbeing at school.

Revised advice to schools

Yesterday afternoon, schools received advice about activities that may be resumed from next Monday 15 June, or from the start of Term 3. This has received some media coverage, and the Department of Education’s information leaflet for families is included in this newsletter.

At Stanmore PS, we are still working out the specifics of what the revised guidelines mean for our programs and practices. This week we recommenced Band and Strings ensembles and after school Drama lessons, as these are taught by Department of Education employees.

Over the next week, we will consult with external providers and school staff to determine timeframes for recommencing programs such as private music lessons, extra-curricular activities before and after school, and other community use agreements. This will give us time to ensure that hygiene and social distancing measures are in place and clearly communicated to service providers and families.

Program providers will contact families directly with details of resumption dates. The school may continue to restrict, limit or prohibit activities if they are seen as contrary to the current health advice.

Non-essential adults are still not permitted on school grounds or at school events – this includes parents/carers unless specifically approved by the principal. At Stanmore PS, we are fortunate to have large school grounds and multiple gates, and we have been able to take a common sense in allowing parents to come on site when it is essential.

During this week, there has been an increase in the number of parents coming onto the school grounds and entering school buildings and classrooms. It is particularly problematic when parents of Kindergarten and Year 1 children enter the corridors on rainy mornings, as this makes adult social distancing impossible in the narrow spaces.

Please drop children off at the gate whenever possible. If you need to accompany your child onto school grounds, please drop them off in the playground or at the door of the building during wet weather. After 8:30, teachers will be present to supervise them.

Essential reasons for parents to come on the school site may include:

  • Meetings that require face to face discussion (most meetings can take place over the phone or Zoom)
  • Picking up children who are sick or have appointments
  • Dropping off children who are distressed or anxious
  • Picking up uniform orders or purchasing from the uniform shop (pending its resumption)

Thank you for working with us to continue to observe the Department of Education’s guidelines. Stanmore PS’ modified pick up and drop off arrangements will continue, to enable parents to physically distance from one another and from staff.

Semester 1 Reports

Teachers are currently writing modified Semester 1 reports, following the Department’s revised guidelines. Reports will be sent home in Week 10 of Term 2.

Parent-teacher interviews will be scheduled for Week 3 of Term 3. The Department of Education has advised us to hold these online or via phone where possible.

Have a great weekend, until next time,

Hugh Miller

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