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Stanmore Public School Message from the Principal

Dear parents and carers,

Welcome back Ms Morris!

This week we welcomed back Ms Nicole Morris, our Deputy Principal, after one year of maternity leave. Ms Morris will be sharing the Deputy Principal role with Ms Kelly Higlett, who has relieved in her absence so capably this year, working three days per week for the rest of this year and into 2021. It is great to have you back Ms Morris!

Semester 2 Reports

Student reports will be sent home on Tuesday next week. Teachers have put in a great deal of effort into assessing students’ progress, reflecting on the data and reporting on students’ achievements and progress.

We have not scheduled parent-teacher interviews, but if you would like to make an appointment to speak with your child’s teacher, either before or after receiving their report, please email the office and they will get back to you to set up a time.

End of Year Events

Friday 11/12: Year 6 Farewell at school
Monday 14/12: Year 3-6 Presentation Day, starting 9:15am. Live streaming details will be sent out next week.
Tuesday 15/12: Year K-2 Presentation Day, starting 9:15am. Live streaming details will be sent out next week.
Wednesday 16/12: Last day of school.
Year 6 walk out at 2:30pm. Year 6 parents will be invited to meet their children in the front playground at this time. The walkout will end at the front playground, not at the Heritage gate as has been the previous practice, to prevent crowding on the footpath and ensure road safety. Parents are reminded to ensure social distancing is practised, and will need to complete a COVID contact tracing form on arrival at the front playground. 
Students in Years K-5 will proceed to their usual gate at 3:00pm.

Planning for 2021

Our planning for 2021 is well underway. We have drafted classes, and we have matched teachers to those classes. However, our enrolment numbers are such that it is not clear whether we will remain at 25 classes, or drop down to 24 classes. We will not know this until the start of the new school year, as there can be a significant amount of movement over the summer break.

On the first day back for Year 1-6, Friday 29th January 2021, students will return to their 2020 class. Most students will be with their 2020 class teacher, with the exception of classes whose teachers are leaving the school. On the first day back, teachers will focus on wellbeing and values activities, setting students up for a successful return to school. Once we have a clear picture of our enrolment numbers for 2021, we will form our new classes. Hopefully this will be early in Week 2.

Many parents have communicated with us regarding preferences for class placement in 2021. While we have tried to accommodate these requests, it may not be possible in all cases. We consider a wide variety of factors when forming classes, including gender balance, an even spread of academic abilities and social-emotional development, separations and pairings nominated by teachers, and trying to include a nominated friend for students. Therefore, parent requests cannot always be met. Please understand that as we have now drafted classes, a large and complex task involving all teaching staff, we are unable to consider any further requests or information from parents.

Strategic Improvement Plan – update

In 2021, Stanmore PS (like all NSW government schools) will commence a new 4-year Strategic Improvement Plan. We have completed a wide ranging situational analysis, looking at student assessment data and gathering input and perspectives from students staff and parents through surveys, focus groups, and staff and P&C meetings.

From this analysis, some themes have emerged as broad areas where we could focus our energy and time on seeking continuous improvement. We have grouped these under three broad Strategic Directions:

  1. Student Growth and Attainment
  • Differentiation
  • Feedback to students
  • Use of data to inform practice
  • Assessment
  1. Continuous Improvement of Practice
  • Teacher collaboration and consistency
  • Distributed leadership
  1. Positive Learning Culture
  • High expectations
  • Student and staff wellbeing
  • Global and local citizenship

We will be undertaking a consultation process in the new year with staff members, students and parents and community members to seek input as we continue to develop the Strategic Improvement Plan, before finalising it by the end of Term 1 2021.

Until next week,

Hugh Miller

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