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Stanmore Public School Message from the Principal

School Photos on Monday

Our annual school student photos will be held next Monday, March 1. Please ensure your child attends school on this day in full school uniform (no music shirts) and black leather school shoes.

To order photos, visit the photographer’s website and use code X1022EC38S.

Change to afternoon pickup times for Year 1

From Monday, Year 1 students will walk independently to their assigned pick up gate at 3:00pm, along with Year 2-6 students. This will mean that Year 1 classes will have 10-15 more minutes of valuable instruction time each day.

Kindergarten students will continue to line up in their surname groups and be accompanied to their gates at around 2:50pm until the end of Term 1, at the earliest.

Another reminder that the Holt St ‘Library’ gate is only for vehicle pick ups in the Kiss and Go Zone – no pedestrian pick ups from this gate please.

Apply online for Kiss & Collect Service →

Please keep children home when unwell

A reminder to please keep children home when unwell, and bring them for a COVID test if they are displaying flu-like symptoms. We have been seeing a lot of children at school with noticeable flu-like symptoms, and as a result the bugs are going around resulting in high rates of student and staff absences.

Thank you for being vigilant in this area, as a working parent I know how challenging it can be to take time off when your child is sick and needs to stay home – however it is necessary to maintain the health of our school community.

Online Absence Notifications →

Clean Up Australia Day

With Clean Up Australia Day approaching, on Sunday 7 March, we are going to trial a ‘Clean Up Stanmore Day’ playground clean up next Monday 1 March, during the last 10 minutes of lunch. The aim is for all students to assist in picking up rubbish from around the school grounds. If it is workable and effective, it is something we may look at doing on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

So if your child comes home and says a teacher asked them to pick up rubbish at lunchtime, they were not in trouble, just being a responsible local citizen! Children will be reminded not to pick up anything sharp or dangerous, and to wash their hands afterwards.

Article in The Australian

Educational research leader (and former SPS parent) Jenny Donovan was profiled in the Australian this week, and the article featured a photo of her with some of our delightful Year 1 students!

Read the Jenny Donovan article →

Until next week,

Hugh Miller

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