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Stanmore Public School Message from the Principal

Dear parents and carers,

Welcome back to Term 2! We have had a great start to the term. Both students and teachers have come back relaxed, re-energised and ready for a new set of challenges and growth in the coming term.

Thank you to all the parents who responded to our parent survey. We are currently summarising and analysing the feedback, and will report back to the school community in more detail soon. Some of the feedback from parents is included in the 2020 Annual Report, which has been published, and will shortly be accessible on the school’s website.

Check-in assessments

Over the next two weeks, students in Years 4 and 6 will participate in check-in assessments for Reading and Numeracy. These assessments identify how students are performing in literacy and numeracy, and to help teachers tailor their teaching more specifically to student needs.

The assessments are mapped to the NSW Syllabuses and National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions. Unlike NAPLAN, reports on check-in assessments are not provided to parents and school data is not made public. Rather, they provide teachers with an additional source of assessment data to inform our planning and teaching, and allow schools to monitor student growth against syllabus outcomes.

Cross Country Carnival

The Cross Country Carnival will be held at Petersham Park on Thursday 29th April. Students in Years 3-6 will attend and participate, while K-2 students will remain in classes at school as normal. Apologies for an error previously displayed on our school calendar, which indicated that students in Year 2 would also be attending.

No payment or consent form is needed for the Cross Country Carnival, as it is covered through our local area walking consent form. Parents are welcome to attend the Cross Country, and are reminded to maintain appropriate social distancing and hand hygiene at the event.

Food allergies

We have a large number of students with severe food allergies at Stanmore PS. To ensure their safety, and the safety of any children who may develop undiagnosed allergies, please avoid all nut products in lunch boxes, and remind your children not to share their food.

Anzac Day

We will commemorate Anzac Day in a special assembly next Tuesday.

Until next week,

Hugh Miller

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