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Stanmore Public School Message from the Principal

Dear parents and carers,

Thank you once again for your ongoing support in keeping your children at home wherever possible. Less than 10% of students are attending school on site, and we are very appreciative of the vast majority of families who are juggling their own work commitments with supporting students’ learning at home.

As we enter our third week of learning from home, I am asking our school community to continue your excellent response to the NSW government’s request that families must keep children at home wherever possible. Having low numbers of students on site enables minimal numbers of staff on site, ensuring greater safety for our staff and minimising the movement of people in the community.

I am well aware that fulfilling this request is not easy for children or for parents, and staff members and I are grateful for the widespread support we are receiving from our school community. I understand that learning from home can be particularly challenging for families with younger children, and that any novelty that children may have felt about learning from home last week has probably well and truly worn off.

Despite all this, I ask that you continue to keep your children home whenever possible, so that we can best protect the safety of our local community and staff members, and contribute to state-wide efforts to reduce COVID-19 case numbers.

As always, we only ask that your children do whatever they, and you, can manage while learning from home. It is not the time for us to be setting unrealistic and high pressure expectations of our school community.

Teachers are trying to strike a fine balance between moving students’ learning forward and introducing some new concepts and skills, while not putting too much pressure and high expectations on children and parents. This balance may not always seem perfect to everyone, especially with our younger students who are less independent and rely more heavily on parent support to complete set tasks.

You may have read the article in the SMH today, describing parents working from home while supporting children’s schooling as feeling like they are in the garbage compactor room in Star Wars, with the walls closing in due to pressure from both sides, work and school. We really do not want our families to feel this way!

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

I want to reassure you that teachers understand that your child may not be able to meet the expectations of all activities in the Learning From Home Plan, and that is OK. If they are reaching out to you about unfinished or non-attempted tasks, it is to offer support and assistance, not to harass or pressure you. Please just do what you can, and let us know if you have feedback about how we could support you better.

Learning From Home Plans

Learning From Home Plans for Week 3 will be sent out via Operoo on Saturday, and will be available on the school website.

Please be aware that any recordings, videos or other content provided in LFHPs are for private use only, and should not be shared on any social media or message groups.

Thank you once again to our wonderful staff members for their excellent work in preparing the activities and resources in the Learning From Home Plans, and for all they are doing to teach and support our students. It is a great privilege to lead such a talented, dedicated and motivated group of professionals.

Education Week

Next week is Education Week, when we had hoped to be celebrating public education at Stanmore PS, with our Book Drive and Grandparents’ Morning Tea. As it is, we will be experiencing Education Week by witnessing our children’s education up close and in person within our own homes! A deep immersion experience indeed. Happy Education Week to the Stanmore PS community.

Until next time – be kind to yourself and take it easy.

Hugh Miller

Principal’s Video Message

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