From the Principal

Stanmore Public School Message from the Principal

Dear parents and carers,

The teachers, support staff and I are very excited for the first phase of our staged return to school next week: Kindergarten and Year 1 students returning to school.

The key messages to be aware of are:

Students in Years K and 1 will start school at 8:45am and finish at 2:45pm. They should arrive between 8:30am – 8:45am.
The students in Years 2-6 who are attending school on site next week will start at 9:05am and finish at 3:05pm. They should arrive between 8:45am – 9:05am.

This schedule shows the staggered start, finish and break times structure we will be operating from next week →

All students are strongly encouraged to wear a mask when indoors at school.
Please provide a mask labelled with your child’s name if possible. Teachers have supplies of masks in classrooms if needed.

Please provide a small pencil case with essential school supplies.
Lead and coloured pencils, a sharpener, an eraser and a glue stick.

Please send a sturdy drink bottle labelled with your child’s name each day.
Please also provide recess, lunch and crunch and sip each day – the canteen is closed.

Morning drop offs can be done at any gate. Children go directly from the gate to their classroom.
Staff members are rostered on to supervise drop offs at the Heritage Gate (corner Holt and Cambridge Sts), and the Library Gate (Holt St). However children can enter through any gate and go directly to their classrooms.

Afternoon pick up
Children in Years K-1 should be picked up at the assigned gate at 2:45pm.
The students in Years 2-6 who are attending school on site next week should be picked up at 3:05pm.

Pick up gates are allocated by surname:
Oval Gate (Cavendish St): A-F surnames
Back Driveway (Cavendish St): G-L surnames
Heritage Gate (Cnr Cambridge St and Holt St): M-R surnames
Garden Gate (Cambridge St): S-Z surnames
Library Gate (Holt St): Kiss and Go – registered families only. Register for Kiss and Go through our website →

Please observe social distancing and wear a mask when waiting at gates.
Parents do not need to scan a QR code when picking up or dropping off children at gates.

Other updates:

  • Windows in all K-1 learning spaces have been repaired and can be opened to allow greater flow of fresh air into classroom spaces. All other learning spaces will have functioning windows prior to the second phase of students returning.
  • HEPA air purifiers are in place in all classroom spaces to provide an additional layer of protection.
  • All Stanmore PS staff have received two doses of a vaccine and have provided proof of this to the Dept of Education.
  • Our Kindergarten and Year 1 teachers are very excited to see their students and continue their quality teaching programs in a face to face environment!

Return to School Presentation
We have prepared a video presentation covering the essential information you will need ahead of your child’s return to school.

Supporting your child’s successful return to school
It is natural that many of us (children, staff and parents) will be feeling some anxiety and apprehension about the return to school. You may be seeing your child displaying “big feelings”, ahead of the change to their familiar routines.

Some children might be feeling excited and happy to return to school and see their friends and teachers, nervous about being back with so many people, reconnecting with peers and resuming routines, sad about the loss of time with their family (and maybe the reduction of screen time), and annoyed about returning to the school environment, if home learning suited them.

Many children will be feeling a mix of these emotions. By providing children with a space to discuss and explore their feelings, we can support them to regulate, problem solve and overcome any difficulties.

You can help by:

  • Being aware of your child’s emotions, showing acceptance and a non-judgemental attitude
  • Validating and normalising their feelings and experience. Show understanding and sympathy for what they are saying and feeling.
  • Listen, be curious and encourage conversations with your child.

If you would like to read more, you can access these resources for parents about supporting children’s return to school.

Until next week,

Hugh Miller

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