Happy Moon Festival

stanmore public school moon festival 2021

Wishing you and your family a happy Moon Festival.

The Moon Festival falls on the 21st of this month. The Chinese Lunar calendar is held on the 15th day of the 8th month.

Chinese Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival is also called the Mid-Autumn Festival. Zhong Qiu Jie (中秋节) is a traditional festival celebrated by many East and Southeast Asian people. It is the second most important holiday after Chinese New Year with a history dating back over 3,000 years, when the Emperor of China worshipped the moon for bountiful harvests in the middle of Autumn.

The Chinese believe that the moon is at its biggest, brightest and fullest size on the festival night.

There is a beautiful myth about the Mid-Autumn Festival, that is Chang’e (嫦娥) flying to the moon. In Chinese Mythology, on the Moon festival night, she and her jade rabbit will appear from the moon shadow.

Lanterns of all size and shapes, are carried and displayed – symbolic beacons that light people’s path to prosperity and good fortune. Mooncakes, a rich pastry typically filled with sweet-bean, mixed nuts, yolk or lotus-seed paste, are traditionally eaten during this festival.

Moon Festival is gathering, such as family and friends coming together, or harvesting crops for the festival. It is said the moon is the brightest and roundest on this day which means family reunion. This is the main reason why the festival is thought to be important.

Moon Festival is also about thanksgiving, to give thanks for the harvest, or for harmonious unions. Moon festival is praying (asking for conceptual or material satisfaction), such as for babies, a spouse, beauty, longevity, or for a good future.

Below enjoy some famous singers singing a Chinese song: the Moon Represent My Heart for the Moon festival.

The meaning of the song lyrics:

You ask how deeply I love you, and just how great my love is.
My affection is real, and my love is true.
The moon represents my heart.
You ask how deeply I love you, and just how great my love is.
My affection does not waver, and my love doesn’t change.
The moon represents my heart.

Hayley Westenra and Rex Wee

Bon Jovi

Wishing you and your family go well and can still celebrate our festival when we are in lockdown!

Miss Ji
Mandarin Teacher

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