It’s Never Too Late for Greek Easter Biscuits!

Stanmore Public School Greek Easter 2019
Stanmore Public School students celebrating Greek Easter 2019

Greek Easter… that time of the year again to make delicious Greek treats!

Koulourakia (κουλουράκια) (aka Greek easter cookies). These Greek cookies, which are based in butter, are a semi-sweet treat that carry hints of vanilla and sugar. Traditionally, these Greek cookies are braided, however, the Greek students at Stanmore got a bit creative and made koulourakia in the shape of a bunny rabbit. This week they were busy making the cookie dough, making their bunny shapes, polishing them with egg yolk and baking them. By the look on their faces, they were delicious! Students will be provided with the recipe so you can try them at home.

Ms Vezos

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