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National Simultaneous Storytime was this week. This is an annual event as part of Library and Information week celebrations that aims to encourage more young Australians to read and enjoy books. Each year in May, a picture book, written by an Australian author, is read in libraries, schools, preschools and bookshops throughout the country. It is a fun, vibrant event aims to promote the value of reading. Last year was the biggest and most successful year to date 686 324 registered participants over 6 000 locations.

All classes will read and share Hickory Dickory Dash by Tony Wilson and Laura Wood during their library lessons or in class and so many others will read it around the country.

By taking part in National Simultaneous Storytime, we aim to:

  • promote the value of reading and literacy;
  • promote the value and fun of books;
  • promote an Australian writer and publisher;
  • promote storytime activities in libraries and communities around the country.

Here are some reflections from some year 2 students.

In library today we shared a book called Hickory Dickory Dash. It was a wonderful book about not giving up. The author was Tony Wilson and the illustrator was Laura Wood.

The story was about a mother mouse who was trying to find her two sons but there was a naughty cat on the loose.

– Zoe K

Today we read a book in library called Hickory Dickory Dash and I loved it a lot. It showed us a lot about not giving up.

– Beatrice

For National Simultaneous Storytime we read Hickory Dickory Dash; a funny story about a mother mouse trying to find her children, but there was a marmalade coloured cat with a pitch black eye patch chasing the mother mouse.

At the end when she was about to give up, she spied her mice on the clock, but then the evil cat pounced into the room and jumped onto the clock and was about to get the mice when the clock struck one and it knocked the cat away.

It was a very funny story and I can see why they picked it for this year.

– Phineas

Mrs Metzner

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