Lunchtime Music Ensembles

stanmore public school lunchtime music ensembles

Lunchtime Music Ensembles are voluntarily run by classroom teachers who provide fun informal ensembles for 3-6 students who would like to use their lunchtime to participate in a music ensemble.

Information about these ensemble opportunities and eligibility are communicated to students at the beginning of the year in music lessons and in daily notices read to classes. Students do not need to enrol. They just need to ensure they are committed to attend regularly and follow all the outlined expectations of that ensemble.

As these ensembles are run by class teachers they may be affected by wet weather, changes in the school program, teacher absences etc.

The following lunchtime Music Ensembles are intending to run at Stanmore Public School in 2021

Tuned Percussion EnsembleMs PoonTuesdayWeek 4, Term 1
Strum ClubMs Poon & Mr HuntThursdayWeek 4, Term 1
DrummingMs ChengTBCTerm 3
3-6 ChoirMr GrayMonday 1st Half LunchWeek 10, Term 1

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