Managed Return to School – Phase 1 from 11 May

Stanmore Public School Managed Return to School

Procedures for Parents – Stanmore Public School

Drop off and pick up

To assist with physical distancing around the school, we are allocating families to a gate for dropping off and picking up children on foot.

The Kiss and Go Zone will continue on Holt St – new users of the Kiss and Go Zone must notify the school office.

Gate Allocation

Oval GateCavendish StSurnames starting with A – F
Back Gate (driveway next to OSHC)Cavendish St Surnames starting with G – L
Heritage GateCambridge StSurnames starting with M – R
Garden GateCambridge StSurnames starting with S – Z
Library GateHolt St (Kiss and Go)Car drop offs and pick ups only – all families

Parents are asked to drop off and pick up children at the specified gate and refrain from coming on site unless it is absolutely essential. If possible, stay in your car when dropping off/picking up children if it is safe to do so.

Drop off – morning

  • Parents dropping students at TASK will continue to accompany them onto the school site and sign them in. For the time being, TASK will operate from the Kitchen.
  • Parents are encouraged to drop their children at their assigned gate. 
  • Parents of younger children may accompany them from the gate to the supervised play area if necessary.
  • Playground duties start at 8:30am in Back Playground (K-2) and COLA (3-6).
  • Teachers on duty will be politely requesting that parents leave the school grounds after dropping their children off.
  • If your child is distressed or anxious, please ask a teacher to assist you so you can leave if possible.

Pick up – afternoon

  • TASK will come to Kindergarten classrooms at 2:45 – 2:50 to collect TASK enrolled students. All other TASK students will meet under the COLA at 3:00. Children at TASK can be collected by parents as normal from the Kitchen classroom.
  • At 2:50, Kindergarten and Year 1 classes congregate in lines in the back playground.
  • Teachers will split students into surname groups and accompany them to their assigned gate. Assigned duty teachers will also come to the gate shortly after 3:00pm to supervise pick ups.
  • Parents are asked to wait along the fence line at appropriate social distances and wait for children to come to the gate.
  • Students in Years 3-6 will be permitted to leave the school grounds and locate their parents along the fence line or walk home.
  • For students in K – 2, parents will approach the gate one at a time and collect their children in turn.
  • Students who have not been picked up, or parents who cannot locate their child, will be accompanied to the back playground (near the Library) by teachers on gate duty.
  • If parents cannot be located, duty teachers will bring children to the office and phone their parents.

We appreciate your continued support and cooperation in working with us to keep the community safe. Please be patient and understanding in the early days as we refine and smooth out these complex new systems.

Attendance and Roll Marking Procedures

Students learning from home
  • Teachers send out a virtual roll call in the morning.
  • Teachers keep track of other students who submit work or check in online after 9:30, or whose parents communicate that they are completing learning offline.
  • Students who are not engaging in remote learning will be marked as absent.
Students learning on site
  • Students will line up in the following locations in the morning and after breaks:
KindergartenBack playground – near C Block
Year 1 and K/1NBack Playground – near OSHC
Year 2Between C Block and Flagpole/office 
Year 3COLA – near Canteen
Year 4COLA – near Basketball court
Year 5 and 4/5/6MFlagpole area
Year 6 and 5/6BBasketball courts
  • Students attending onsite will be marked on paper rolls at morning lines. 
  • Students who arrive after the paper roll is marked check in at the front office.

Changes to sick bay procedures

  • Students with grazes, bruises or other injuries attend the office for assessment and remain in the sick bay room if required.
  • Students with cold and flu symptoms (coughing, sneezing, sore throat, headache):
    • Teacher informs the office via intercom that a child with symptoms is coming to the isolation room. 
    • The child enters via the front door and sits in the isolation room (corridor at the front of the office).
    • Admin staff member puts on appropriate PPE, checks temperature and assesses the child. 
    • If necessary, parents are contacted to take the child for medical assessment to assess their health and fitness for school attendance.

Please do not send your child to school if they have any cold and flu symptoms. If in doubt, seek medical advice.

Management of Teacher Workload

The phased return to school poses a challenge for managing teachers’ workload, with teachers delivering instruction both at school and online to different groups of children daily, and designing new Learning From Home Plans and associated resources weekly. 

Teachers will spend significantly more time in classrooms supervising student learning on site, as well as preparing weekly Learning From Home Plans and creating resources and videos.

As a result, teachers will be less available on Seesaw and Google Classroom to answer questions and provide feedback and support to students learning at home. On the day that children attend school, they will have the opportunity to receive feedback and guidance on their learning from their teacher. 

Children and parents can still message teachers through Seesaw and Classroom, but it may take longer for them to respond, and the amount of feedback provided for work submitted online will be reduced.


Phased return to school
Can I send my child on additional days?

In Phase 1, parents are strongly encouraged to keep children at home four days per week where possible. The school is open for families of essential workers, and families who are vulnerable or in crisis. Send an email to the school with ALL days your children need to attend school.

Can my child be placed with his/her friends?

Sorry, we aren’t able to cater for friendship groups at this time. Children are now permitted to visit each others’ homes outside of school, and will be mixing with many of their peers on their allocated day.

Can I come onsite to drop my child at TASK/the playground?

Yes. TASK procedures will remain the same. You can come onsite to drop your child if they are anxious, but please leave immediately.

What will the students at school be learning?

All students will continue to follow the same Learning From Home Plans.

NSW DoE – Managed Return to School for Families

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