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Last term Stage 3 students worked in pairs and did a PBL research project about China. It involved higher thinking knowledge and lots of information about the places of the country. For example: the details of the characteristics of places in China, directions, currency, food and transport.

Ms. Ji was very impressed that students worked so hard and enthusiastically. Students used prior learning knowledge to write simple Chinese as well as presenting in Mandarin.

Furthermore, students also used advanced technology such as, Powerpoint and speaker notes in Chinese to present in class. Some students shared their presentation to our Greek classes, Year 3 and Kindergarten as well. Chinese students also listened to the presentations from the Greek students where we got to eat olives as well.

After the presentation, students also evaluated their thoughts about the PBL research on China. Lots of students thought it was useful and fun. Molly MW (6L) said it took her a long time and she stayed up late at night doing research. Lots of hard work indeed!

Last week, as a reward, Chinese students were taken to the kitchen where we got to participate in cooking and enjoyed Jiaozi (dumplings).

Ms Ji

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