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Stanmore Public School Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program SAKG
Stanmore Public School Kitchen Class

A massive Thank You from Fiona and myself to all our wonderful, volunteers who have generously helped to make the Kitchen and Garden classes in Term 1 so successful.

Thank you Kate, Donna, Tammy, Penny, Tiffany, Susie, Melinda, Zoe, Helen, Blake, Wendy, Karen, Tara, Tim, Julie, Vanessa, Jackie, Carol, Papou George, Steve, Nick, Lisa, Elspeth, Mark, Anne, Edward, Kylie, Shezina, Jane, Alison, Angie, Justine, Amanda, Shan, Peter, Ritchie, Tina, Janet, Melissa, Scott, Sophie, Sumarni, Julianne, Danielle, Zorica, Andrew, Matthew, Jo, Inez, Brian, Heidi, Graham, Helen, Hem, Stu, Sonia, Samantha, Niesha, Georgina, Deb, Hang, Diane, Cushla, Greg, Julianne, Penny, Wendy, Nick, Rachel, Derek, Brian, Emma, Simone, Tara, Natalie, Janet and Kay.

The Program would not be so successful without the help and support of all these parents, grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, aunties and community friends of Stanmore.

This term garden classes planted onions, lettuce, coriander, oregano, sage, Broccoli, cabbage, radish, garlic, stevia, geraniums, Jerusalem artichokes, chillies, globe artichokes and tea tree and look forward to next term’s bounty of pumpkins and sweet potato!

A special thank you to Sally for the four new chickens, to Jackie Greenwood for setting up the volunteer sign up register, to Alex Elliot-Howery from Cornersmith for providing jars for our tomato week and to all the Stanmore community for your generous donations of tomatoes, excess produce and equipment to the Kitchen Garden Program.

Both Fiona and I are so grateful to everyone and we look forward to seeing old and new faces next term.

Classes commence in Week 2 of Term 2; follow the link to sign up and volunteer for next term’s classes:

Sign Up

Happy holidays to everyone.



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