We realise that parking around the school is not always easy at drop-off and pick-up. Therefore, as a courtesy, the school provides a Kiss & Go service. The Kiss & Go Zone on Holt Street is the safe place to set down or pick-up your child(ren) before and after school.

Please complete the form below if you wish to make use of the school’s Kiss & Go service.

How It Works

Parents/guardians who sign up to our Kiss & Go service will receive a sun visor name plate to display the name of their child(ren) in their vehicle windscreen. At the end of school the children will be brought down the the Holt Street gate next to the library and a teacher will direct each child to their respective vehicle for collection.

If your children are not there ready for pick-up when you arrive, you are required to drive around the block so traffic keeps flowing through zone and to avoid you receiving a penalty for exceeding the 2 minute stopping time.

Traffic Laws for School Set Down/Pick Up Zones

  • The Kiss & Go Zone is for set down and pick up only
  • Drivers must remain with their vehicles
  • Maximum time allowed in zone is two minutes

    Kiss & Go Service Application

    Please complete a separate form for each student requiring the service.

    * indicates required.

    Student’s Details

    Your Details

    Days on which service is required

    A teacher will wait at the Holt Street gate to assist with collection between 3:00pm & 3:15pm on these days.


    Vehicle Details

    Please provide us with the details of up to three vehicles that may be used to collect your child.

    Vehicle #1


    Vehicle #2 (optional)


    Vehicle #3 (optional)