Partners in Learning Parent Survey

Stanmore Public School Tell Them From Me Survey

The Partners in Learning parent survey is part of the Tell Them From Me suite of surveys on student engagement. The parent survey helps to clarify and strengthen the important relationship between parent and school.

The survey is designed to measure, assess and report insights from the parent point of view at the school and system levels. The focus of this NSW survey is on student wellbeing, engagement and effective teaching practices.

The survey questions aim at understanding parents’ perspectives on their child’s experience at school, including teaching, communication and the school’s support of learning and behaviour. The survey also aims to understand parents’ perspectives on activities and practices at home related to their child’s learning.

The survey will ask parents questions about: Parents feeling welcome, Parents being informed, Parents supporting learning at home, Parents participation at school, School supporting positive behaviour, Safety, Inclusion and the School supporting learning.

The parent survey provides school principals and school leaders with parents’ perspectives on their school as well as learning at home. Communication between parents and staff, activities and practices at home, and parent views on the school’s support of learning and behaviour help build an accurate and timely picture that schools can use for practical improvements.

Data collected from the survey responses are quickly compiled into reports for school leaders. Principals can then use this information to help them identify emerging issues and plan for school improvement.

The survey typically takes 15 minutes and is conducted entirely online through a secure website operated by the survey developers, The Learning Bar. You will be provided with a link to complete the survey at home. Staff in schools will not be able to identify individual parents or students from parent responses. To protect parent anonymity, schools will be provided with a single username and password for the school prior to the start of the survey period. This username and password will then be distributed to parents. Data supression rules are applied to the school reporting tools where there are fewer than five responses.

Once the surveys are completed, reports are prepared and in most cases are available to schools within three business days. School leaders can use the data to better understand the experiences and views of parents at their school. CESE will undertake state-wide analysis of the survey data in conjunction with existing student data held by the Department, including performance data. The results will help all schools better understand the relationship between parents and students’ engagement, students’ wellbeing, effective teaching and student learning. Results from CESE’s analysis of this data will also help teachers and principals discuss what works to improve student outcomes. This supports the Department’s continuing focus on quality teaching and leadership. The data will be retained for future analysis to help us better understand the nature of student engagement and wellbeing over time.

Visit the following site and begin the survey:

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