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stanmore public school kitchen garden program

Do you have any unused/slightly damaged large garden ceramic pots?

In 2020, Year 5 students made some amazing Aboriginal Totem pole sculptures to be installed as a permanent welcome to our garden. Inspired by Damun (Port Jackson Fig) which is the Aboriginal name for the Stanmore Ward, the students chose the themes of earth (5T) water (5L) and sky (456M) because they reflected the areas of sustainability in Aboriginal culture.

The installation has been delayed by the lockdown and the garden refurbishment. The school needs some large garden pots to act as plinths to sit the sculptures on. They will be installed in the middle section of the new access ramp and be surrounded by native grasses. The pots will be turned upside down and dug into the garden with a metal pole coming through the drainage hole to thread the sculptures on. For this reason the pots can have chips or cracks around the rim as the top will not be visible.

Large garden ceramic pots

Number needed: 10

Size: Minimum height between 30cm and 70cm.

Colours needed:

  • terracotta/brown/deep red – 3
  • A variety of blue and green – 5
  • black, purple – 2

NB: Must have a single drainage hole in the middle of the pot.


Please send a photo of your pot/s to Annette Carruthers in the first instance. If you have any suggestions on how to obtain the pots cheaply please let me know. I have tried Bunnings but that requires a formal request and I’d like to get the totem poles installed this year before our Year 6 students leave.

Thanks for your support,

Ms Carruthers

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