PSSA Regional Soccer Tournament 2018

Stanmore Public School PSSA Regional Soccer Tournament 2018

On Wednesday the 2nd of May, Me, Kian, and Zinedine represented South Sydney/Balmain zones in a PSSA Regional Soccer Tournament, that was held near the Sutherland Shire.

It lasted for a day, there were 5 other teams each containing players from two zones. There were 14 players in our squad, 11 on a pitch and three subs. Each team played 5 matches that each went for 25 minutes without half times. We played on a full-size pitch and full-sized goals, so it was hard for the keepers!

It was a great day! Every single team was a big challenge and there were never any easy matches, and all the players were just as good! Balmain/South Sydney hadn’t won the comp in over 10 years, but we ended up winning the whole comp undefeated! With three wins and two draws even though we’ve never played together before!

At the end of the tournament once we got the trophy they had to pick another team of 14 out of all the teams that played in the comp to represent the region in the state tournament in a months’ time. Me and Kian were lucky enough to make the team of 14 to play at the state tournament.

– Magnus K – 6H

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