Robotics at Stanmore

Stanmore Public School 456M Robotics

Students in Class 4/5/6M have been challenged over the past few weeks to use their technological, programming and teamwork skills in a project to solve an engineering problem using the Lego Education WeDo 2.0 science kits.

Project-based activities at Stanmore Public School such as this teach students’ skills across science, coding, engineering and technology.

Below are some comments from students who took part and some photos of the class in full problem solving mode.

Over the past two weeks my class has been working in groups with the Lego Education WeDo 2.0 kit. Our class goal was to place ourselves in the shoes of mining engineers in the Australian Gold Rush. We all had to make a working elevator that takes you to the mine shafts really quickly. We all had to work together and persist to make it work because it is all about trial and error. Teamwork was definitely key during this, and our teacher put us into groups with people we might not always work with so we got to work with new people. This was definitely a fantastic experience and I would come back in a wink if we could do it again.

Jamie N 4/5/6M

Over the past few weeks, Ms Mitchell’s class Triple M has been putting on their mining engineer caps. We have designed and created mining elevators from scratch out of LEGO, mechanicals and programming for miners who need to get up and down the mines. We faced the process of trial and error and rebuilding, but we overcame the challenges. Overall, 4/5/6M thought the experience of building and programming was very fun. We loved working with each other, and would really like to do it again 🙂

Written by Katie (6M) & Ann (4M)

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