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stanmore public school sports news march 2021

It has been a huge week for Stanmore Public School and sport.

Some of our students participated in zone trials with some being successful in gaining placement in the Balmain Zone team to compete in the Sydney East regional carnivals.

Congratulations to:

James GormlyBalmain zone tennis team
Tom KerrBalmain zone basketball team
Gus AmmitBalmain zone basketball team

The following students represented Stanmore Public School at the zone swimming carnival. All students represented with pride and good sportsmanship.

Madison CZara B
Lachlan BAtticus H
Elizabeth SLouie M
Harvey GLocke I
Natasha BTalia L
Nick BEwan M
Billie TLiu SW
Arlo GPersia D
Raphael HSam E
Eliza NAddison X
Maddie CDLola W
Ben B

Stanmore finished 3rd overall in the results.

In our team results, the Junior (Elizabeth, Addison, Billie, Eliza) and Senior (Lola, Madison, Maddie, Zara) girls relay teams have progressed to regionals. Our Junior boys team came in 4th and our Senior boys team came in 5th overall. A superb effort.

In individual results we have Maddie, Zara and Louie competing at the regional carnival.

Congratulations to Madison C who was age champion for the second year running.

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