Stanmore Waste Warriors Get Shredding

stanmore public school waste warriors

Before lockdown hit, the Waste Warriors had collected a tub of lunch order paper bags from Stage 2 and 3 classrooms and were ready to begin their first waste reduction campaign to educate the school population about how many paper bags end up in the school bins everyday via a video campaign and their plans to shred the bags and add them to the garden compost bins.

The Waste Warriors are keen to launch this campaign at the beginning of the 2022 school year.

Thanks to the support from the P&C, the Waste Warriors have purchased a heavy duty shredder and are ready to get shredding!

Lily and Annie from 3/4B and Grace and Audrey from 3/4C had a bit of fun on Wednesday feeding the first paper bags into the shredder.

Ms Carruthers
Sustainability Committee

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