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stanmore public school waste warriors

Stanmore PS has implemented programs over the years in collaboration with our families and school canteen to reduce waste. In 2020 sustainability was identified as a school priority and the school registered with the Eco Schools Australia program. The pandemic has unfortunately delayed a lot of the plans the school wanted to start implementing in 2020 and now those plans are on hold once again. However, we did get started in 2021 and this is our journey so far.

After conducting a bin audit in November 2020, Stanmore PS decided playground rubbish and reducing waste would be our priority. The first thing we did in 2021 was to invite a group of committed students, who were passionate about the environment and our school, to form a student body (Years 3 to 6).

Interview with members of the Stanmore PS Waste Warriors

Q: Why did you volunteer to be part of the Stanmore Waste Warriors?

Kahlan: I volunteered because I love the environment. I always have. I like to be with people that I can relate to on this stuff.

Orlando: I really like being a part of something that is good for the environment. This year I have been trying to accomplish a lot of things and be a part of more. 

Q: How did the group get its name?

Kahlan: We all picked different names on the first day together and then we did a vote. 

Q: What is the Waste Warriors first priority in tackling the school’s playground rubbish problem?

OrlandoWe decided to reduce paper bag rubbish. So much of our rubbish is these lunch bags that can be recycled and composted. We need to make sure that no one leaves rubbish around the school by educating others about how the world needs to be more eco friendly and we need to get a better carbon footprint.

Kahlan: We are taking the paper bags so we can compost them. We do this so we can make the school a better place for the environment. The bins in our school have 50% paper bags so we need to stop that now before it gets worse.

Q: What strategies did the Waste Warriors come up with?

Orlando: We chose to put boxes in each classroom to collect canteen paper bags. The lunch bags are to be shredded and placed in the compost bins. In groups we put together video presentations to show the school.

Q: What would you like our next school priority to be?

Orlando: Stop littering. More bins for recycling around the school, specifically around the back playground and front playground. 

The P&C are enthusiastic supporters of the  Waste Warriors’ priorities and have given us money to purchase a shredder and a class litter collection kit.

A big thank you to the P&C from the Waste Warriors and the school.

Ms Carruthers
Sustainability Committee

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