Stanmore Writing Competition

Stanmore Public School Writing Competition

Congratulations to all the students who entered this year’s writing competition. Running for over ten years, the competition is open to all Stanmore Public School students to write a 500 word story of their choice.

Stage 1

There were so many exciting stories but this year’s outstanding entries from stage 1 were by Pelayao in 2V and Lilith in 2M. Both wrote captivating and well-written stories.

Stage 2

This year stage 2 wrote some very impressive stories with outstanding entries submitted by Will in 4H and Alegra in 3V.

Congratulations to both for their incredibly exciting writing.

Stage 3

It is always a pleasure to judge the stage 3 writing competition but also very hard! There were so many well-written and engaging stories, but as with all competitions, there could only be a few winners.

This year’s outstanding entries came from Pip and Josie both in 5L and the Highly Recommended stories were written by Charlotte, Flynn, Tom, Myah, Ruby, Will and Zoelle all from 6N.

I really enjoyed reading these stories and suspect we may have some future authors at Stanmore.

Deborah Abela
Author and Library Assistant

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