At Stanmore Public School ensuring the health and wellbeing of our students is a priority.


At Stanmore Public School we often have enrolled a number of children with severe, life‐threatening food allergies (anaphylaxis). Anaphylaxis is a medical condition that causes a severe reaction to certain foods and can result in death within minutes. Consequently, these children will need immediate medical attention if they come into contact with these foods.

It would greatly assist the school to manage this situation if parents would keep nut‐based foods for home treats. In particular, we ask that parents do not send peanut butter or Nutella to school. These products are so sticky, they can easily be left behind on hands and bubblers and other surfaces within the school.

Emergency Policy + Sickness & Injuries

The school policy is to notify parents promptly if their children are injured or become sick during school time.

To enable this to happen, we request that you provide us with the phone numbers where you can be contacted during school hours and advise us immediately of any changes. We also request that you provide us with the name and phone number of a close relative or friend whom we could contact if we are unable to contact you in an emergency. Your emergency contact person should be someone who can come to the school if we are unable to contact either parent. We also ask parents give us permission to seek medical attention in an emergency.

Medication at School

Parents must advise the school of any medical condition that affects their child and requires medication during school time. The school will require written permission from parents for their child to take medication during school times and parents will need to deliver the medication to the school office with clear instructions on:

  • the type and amount of medication to be taken
  • the time or times when medication is to be taken

Wherever possible, we request that families organise with their doctor for medication to be given at school at 12.30 pm so that it is easier for the school to manage.

School Counsellor

At Stanmore Public School our School Counsellor provides a valuable support service for students, parents and teachers.

Support may include individual student assessment of learning needs, information about other services available or counselling. In supporting students, school counsellors may also provide advice to parents and teachers as appropriate.

The School Counsellor is at Stanmore each Wednesday and Thursday. Parents or teachers may refer students to the school counsellor and parents may speak with the school counsellor if they have concerns about their child. You can make an appointment by contacting the school.

Sun Safety

At Stanmore Public School our Sun Safety program ensures students are aware of and protected from the damaging effects of the sun.

Students wear hats in the playground or play in shady areas or participate in indoor activities in the library. School hats have brims to provide maximum protection and school shirts have collars to protect the backs of necks. Each classroom has sunscreen for students to apply before going out into the sun. Students are encouraged to wear sunglasses outdoors.