Swimming Carnival 2021

Stanmore Public School Swimming Carnival 2021

Congratulations to all our place getters and to all students for their fabulous sportsmanship at the Stanmore Public School Swimming Carnival on Tuesday, February 2.

Ribbons will be distributed at school.

Please note that a place at the carnival does not guarantee a place in the Stanmore team for the Balmain Zone Swimming Carnival. There are qualifying times that students need to meet.

The Balmain Zone Swimming Carnival is 2nd March, 2021 at Ashfield Aquatic Centre. More info will be sent out in the next few weeks.

If your child would like to qualify for the 200m IM please submit an official time to Ms Mitchell ASAP.


Opens 100m Freestyle

1stNick BMadison C
2ndHarvey GNatasha B
3rdArlo GMaddie CD
4thBen B

8 Years 50m Freestyle

1stReece O
2ndPelayo M

9 Years 50m Freestyle

1stRafael CElizabeth S
2ndAtticus H
3rdCarter R
4thRenzo D

10 Years 50m Freestyle

1stLouie MBillie T
2ndHarvey GAddison X
3rdZac CEliza N
4thBen BSofia M

11 Years 50m Freestyle

1stLocke INatasha B
2ndRaphael HTalia L
3rdLui SWClaudia F
4thBowie BEmma G

12 Years 50m Freestyle

1stNick BMadison C
2ndEwan MZara B
3rdArlo GLola W
4thLachlan BMaddie CD

Junior 50m Breaststroke

1stHarvey GBillie T
2ndLouie MLola H
3rdJake MEliza N
4thBen BAddison X

11 Years 50m Breaststroke

1stLui SWNatasha B
2ndArchie SWJuno S
3rdHarper DTalia L
4thWilliam SEmma G

12 Years 50m Breaststroke

1stArlo GMadison C
2ndNick BZara B
3rdJames GLola W
4thLachlan BLucy F

Junior 50m Backstroke

1stHarvey GBillie T
2ndLouie MAddison X
3rdCarter REliza N
4thZac CGrace G

11 Years 50m Backstroke

1stLocke IPersia D
2ndWilliam SJuno S
3rdLui SWTalia L
4thAngelo AMary M

12 Years 50m Backstroke

1stEwan MMadison C
2ndArlo GZara B
3rdNick BLola W
4thAlonso MLola W

Junior 50m Butterfly

1stHarvey GBillie T
2ndLouie MSofia M
3rdBen BNadia N
4thHugh BMolly A

11 Years 50m Butterfly

1stWilliam SNatasha B
2ndHarper DTalia L
3rdJessie BJuno S
4thNoah S

12 Years 50m Butterfly

1stNick BMadison C
2ndArlo GZara B
3rdAlonso MLola W
4thMadison CD

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