The Festival of Instrumental Music

Stanmore Public School The Festival of Instrumental Music
The Festival of Instrumental Music 2018

On Sunday the Twentieth of May, the Stanmore PS Recorder Ensemble and Senior Strings went to the Sydney Opera House to perform at The Festival of Instrumental Music (FOIM). The FOIM is where public school students perform pieces of music they have been memorising and practicing over the last few months.

The recorders and strings had to memorise three pieces of two to three-paged music. The recorder ensemble playedNorwegian Dance No. 2, Different Worlds and Handel Highlights(which the violins also played). The violins played two other pieces: Crossing Pirates Cove and Tango D’Amour.

I play the Treble recorder, which is lower than the descant recorder. The Combined Schools Recorder Ensemble also included sections for other types of recorders: Descant, Treble, Tenor and Bass.

Now I, (Lily), went to recorder camp in the April school holidays. That meant I got to play an additional piece which wasNorwegian Dance No. 3 with the Recorder Consort, which was all the students who attended recorder camp as a smaller ensemble. This meant, I, and the Recorder Consort, went down onto the stage to play Norwegian Dance No. 3. The Recorder Consort and the Combined Schools Recorder Ensemble playedNorwegian Dance No. 2. Then when that ended the Recorder Consort played Norwegian Dance No. 3. When that was finished the Combined Schools Recorder Ensemble came back in to playNorwegian Dance No. 2’s Section C to the end. I also played a special piece with the recorder camp students “Thee Times Three”.

Before the concert we had a three-hour rehearsal to make sure everything was perfect. We played through all the pieces then left until the concert started.

There were many acts in between the recorder pieces that were quite enjoyable to watch. Handel Highlights was the finale where the recorders and strings played together. There was even an encore.

This was my fourth year and will be my last as I’m in Year 6 and will be graduating to high school. I have gone every year since Year 3 and really liked doing it!

– Lily S (6N)

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