Tomato Festival 2020

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February 24 – March 6

Last year the school Kitchen Classroom ran its second successful Tomato Festival.

We asked families to donate ripe tomatoes to the Kitchen which were then turned into passata and used throughout the year in kitchen classes for students to create some delicious recipes.

For two weeks beginning February 24, we hope to fill our pantry with beautiful school-made fresh Tomato Passata to enjoy all year, using Cornersmith’s Tomato Passata recipe.

We are looking for donations of juicy ripe tomatoes, so if you’re out shopping and spot a special on some ripe tomatoes (the best ones for passata are often on special!), please grab a few more and donate them to the kitchen or canteen any day from Monday Feb 24 – Friday Mar 6.

Panetta Mercato in Leichhardt and Marrickville often have cheap boxes of tomatoes.

How you can help:

Donate some juicy ripe red tomatoes

Drop off tomatoes to the kitchen or canteen on any morning of the Tomato Festival (Monday Feb 24 to Friday Mar 6)

Donate some Garlic or Onions

The recipe also needs garlic and onions. If you have any spare please bring them along.

Come to a Kitchen class

During the Tomato Festival, if you come to Kitchen class early, you’ll get a crash course on Passata making and then go on to make it with the kids.

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