Tomato Festival 2021

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February 15 – 25

It has become a tradition in recent years to run an annual Tomato Festival at Stanmore Public School.

Our kitchen classroom teacher, Ms Dimitra, prides herself on only using the best produce throughout the year to create her delicious dishes with the students sourcing most fresh veggies from our own Kitchen Garden.

Passata is a common ingredient and, instead of buying jar sauce, Ms Dimitra prefers to make her own with the students using Cornersmith’s Tomato Passata recipe. This means we can fill our pantry with beautiful school-made fresh Tomato Passata to enjoy all year.

To help with this project we ask families to donate juicy ripe tomatoes, garlic and onions to the Kitchen which are then turned into passata.

So if you’re out shopping and spot a special on some tomatoes (the best ones for passata are often on special!), please grab a few more and donate them to the kitchen or canteen any day from Monday Feb 15 – Thursday Feb 25.

We plan to be madly chopping, roasting, pureeing and bottling lots of delicious Passata in weeks 4 & 5 of term 1.

If every student brought just one tomato, we would make enough lusciously delicious Passata to last the year!

Any donations of ripe, not so perfect tomatoes, onions or garlic would be greatly appreciated.

All donations can be left outside the kitchen or canteen.

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