Using explicit ideas to teach vocabulary in Chinese

stanmore public school chinese national conference 00

The 26th Chinese National Annual Conference was held on Zoom on the 11th of this month (Sunday) from 9.30am to 6pm.

More than four hundred Chinese teachers attended the Zoom conference. Our former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was present to send his congratulation speech on behalf of our Australia Government.

At the national conference, our school Chinese teacher, Ms. Ji, was one of the four Chinese teachers from NSW to present her workshop to all the Chinese teachers. The topic was: using explicit ideas to teach vocabulary in Chinese. The ideas were inspired by Ms. Higlett, and her ideas of teaching vocabulary.

At the workshop, Ms Ji highlighted that the Chinese foundation words (pictograph) were particularly important for our young children to learn. As children understand the basic meaning of the simple Chinese characters, they can refine, and further take advantage of teaching strategies that build and expand upon their vocabulary to help them for their future study of Chinese.

At the conference, our students’ sample work was displayed and well applauded by the audience.

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