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Stanmore Public School Road Safety

The Kiss & Go Zone is to provide a safe place with an efficient process for parents and carers to drop off and pick up their children. It will only be successful in achieving that if everyone does their bit. Morning drop off usually works well but afternoons are trickier with a lot of students leaving in a shorter timeframe. Here are some tip to help it run smoothly.

Pick Up Times

Remember to arrive at the Kiss & Go Zone to pick up your children in the afternoon from 3:05pm onwards as it takes children a little while to walk across from the dismissal area. All students should be picked up by 3:15pm.

Name Labels for Sun Visors

If you have not already been issued with a name label for your sun visor, please contact the school office and speak to Amanda. It is important to display the surname of your child by flipping down your passenger sun visor so the teacher on Kiss & Go duty can call your child to the gate, ready to walk to your car as you pull in. This helps to keep the traffic flowing and makes the Kiss & Go Zone work efficiently.

Making the Zone Safe for Children

Remember to drive as far along the zone as possible so there is space behind your vehicle for others to pull in out of the traffic flow. This helps the zone to work efficiently and, even more importantly, improves safety by discouraging overtaking and reverse parking. These are both safety hazards when there are young children about. If you have driven as far forward a possible and the car in front of you moves, please move forward to close the gap if you are still waiting for your child to appear. If you approach the zone and see a gap further along the zone, please wait at the end of the queue rather than driving forward and reverse parking into the spot.

On a further safety note, drivers should approach the Kiss & Go Zone from the Cambridge Street end so that the Kiss & Go Zone is on the left. Approaching from the other end and doing a three-point turn in the Kiss & Go Zone is very dangerous and must be avoided.

Complying with Road Rules

There are two road rules on the use of Kiss & Go Zones:

  • Drivers must stay with their vehicles;
  • Vehicles are only allowed to stand in Kiss & Go Zones for a maximum of 2 minutes. Once the two minutes are up, drivers must drive around the block to allow additional time for their child rem to arrive at the Kiss & Go Zone.

Drivers are subject to fines and demerit points if they do not comply with these conditions.

Everyone needs to do their bit

This is about the safety of young children and making the afternoon pick up as hassle-free for everyone as possible. The school seeks your support in achieving both of these objectives for the benefit of all.

One final note

Please ensure you deal courteously with other drivers and school staff when using the zone. School should be a place where children feel safe and secure. Respectful relationships and courteous dialogue are necessary to ensure this will be their experience of school.

Kiss & Go Service Application

Parents can apply for this service online by following the link below.

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