Video Conferencing Guidelines

Stanmore Public School Zoom Guidelines

The advent of COVID-19 has instigated a rapid transition to an online education delivery model in Australian schools. At Stanmore PS, we recognise the need to trial and implement tools that provide for personal interaction between teachers and students and enable the teaching of new concepts and skills. Zoom has emerged as our school’s preferred platform, and has recently been endorsed by the NSW Department of Education.

Currently, teachers are trialling video conferencies (VCs) with students. Some teachers have already held VCs with students, while other teachers are developing their skills and knowledge in the platform prior to trialling VCs with students in the coming days.

In this trial period, teachers are using video conferences to maintain personal connections between teachers and students, monitor student wellbeing, and clarify lessons and activities in the Learning From Home Plan. In future, VCs may provide a platform for teaching of new concepts and assessment strategies. Further staff training and development and policy development to ensure consistent practice is required before this is rolled out across the school.

We have developed Video Conferencing Guidelines for Parents and Students. Please take the time to read this document, as we will be utilising this platform increasingly in future.

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