Year 5 Aboriginal Totem Pole Art

stanmore public school Aboriginal Totem Pole Art 2020 banner

Year 5 has been engaged in an exciting Aboriginal art project that will become a permanent welcome to our garden after its makeover.

The science unit for this term is plant and animal adaptations and garden teaching has focussed on sustainability. Inspired by Damun (Port Jackson Fig) which is the Aboriginal name for the Stanmore Ward, Year 5 students have created clay pieces for three totem poles. The themes of earth (5T) water (5L) and sky (456M) were chosen because they reflect areas of sustainability in Aboriginal culture.

Fittingly, the students commenced their pieces in NAIDOC Week and under glazed them this week, using their theme colours. Ask them to tell you about doing a technique called sgraffito! The pieces will now be taken away to be bisqued in a kiln, glazed and fired.

Local designer and ceramicist, Helen Ashley, came in to teach the students several clay work techniques and she was assisted by her creative daughter, Molly (a former Stanmore PS School Captain). Many thanks to them both for a wonderful lesson that was enjoyed by all.

We look forward to unveiling our sensational Aboriginal Totem Poles in early 2021.

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