Zone Cross Country Carnival 2021

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Weather conditions were favourable this week for Stanmore’s Zone Cross Country Team. Twenty schools competed with around 120 students running in each age division. All of our athletes demonstrated great determination and gave their best on the day. Most impressive were the ongoing creative chants throughout each event that motivated participates to cross the finish line. Ms Mitchell and Ms Taylor were very proud their achievements and exemplary behaviour.

Congratulations to the following students who will compete at the Regionals:

Alonso 1st place in 12yrs division
Madison 6th place in 12yrs division
Lola 6th place in 10yrs division
Sam 2nd place in 10yrs division
Zac 6th place in 10yrs division

Some reflections from the team

My race was first because I was the youngest age group. Everyone was cheering on the sidelines and I felt their eyes on me as I ran past. I was nervous but it was so FUN!

Eva 3/4C

I had butterflies in my stomach and my heart was racing as everyone was watching and cheering for us as the gun boomed to begin the race. I raced towards the front, my legs wouldn’t stop. I suffered stitches and a stomach ache but I pushed on! I passed people one by one and achieved 14th position out of 120!

Sophie 3/4C

It was probably the hardest run I have ever done. It was up hill and down with twists and turns. After the first lap my chest felt like it was going to combust! My legs turned into jelly and my breath felt painful. The only thing that kept me going was the “YAY” “HURRAY” and “KEEP GOING” from the Stanmore team. Although I was not in the top 20 I’m still proud of what I did.

Zara 5/6T

I had a really fun day cheering our school on and racing. The race was hard and I pushed myself to the limit. It was an exciting day and I loved every moment.

Sam 5/6M

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